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Struggle With Acne? Discoloration?

 As a Professional  Esthetician and Certified Acne Specialist I am dedicated to clearing and providing healthier skin  to my clients. Many people think that "prescription medicine can cure acne." No, there is "no one size fits all'' solution for acne. As an  Esthetician, I will recommend treatments that are  customized to the individuals acne type  and  levels of need, as well as your skin type and condition.

Acne/skin correction dispensary at Milan Luxury Medspa was designed to help clients stay consistent and on the right path to clear and glowing skin. Our goal is to achieve clearer skin in approximately 3- 6 months. During this journey I will guide you with a facial mapping analysis, treatment plan, professional facial treatments and a at home skincare routine plan.

Consultation \ 101 

Your first visit will include:

  • Skin Test/ Face Mapping

  • O2 Luxury Facial Treatment : Double Cleanse, Extraction, enzymes (light peel), anti inflammatory treatment or LED light to clear and heal skin.

  • Treatment plan / At Home skincare routine 

* Please be advised that Products are not included, all at home skincare routine products are sold separately from our program. *

Milan skincare collection kit includes : 

Trusting The PROCESS!

Your Journey to clear, smooth and healthier skin WILL NOT HAPPEN OVERNIGHT! 

You will need to be seen every two weeks as you progress through your facial treatments. Its typically takes about 8 facial treatments over a 3 - 6 month period of time to get clear and glowing skin.

Acne/Skin Correction Dispensary Facial Treatment includes :

  • O2 Facial Treatment

  • Chemical Peels

  •  Dermaplane

  • Microdermabrasion

Cost: $700.00 (Value $1,200)

Deposit : $250.00

Installment 2 : $250.00

Installment 3 : $200.00

Includes : 8 facial treatments

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